Created by Taz.

Using "RC_Core.rcm"
; MorganceOnline
; Date/Time: 7:04:14 AM on 6/6/2012
; By Naddaz on NADCO
;This script can be used by anyone making script changes.
;Will be used to help with server uptades to public, could also keep track of gue updates here as well.

Function Main()
;Player = Actor()
;Target = ContextActor()

;OpenTrading(Player, Target)

;June 6 2012
;Gue Uptades
;updated the factions to include evil human for rep. (Change the faction name if you like)
;Updated attribute to add mob speed. When adding an actor set mob speed to actor speed. This will be used as a base speed to go back to after slow effects or gm /addspeed.

;Script updates
;GM COMMANDS in game commands changes
;Added rep check /addrep /take rep. Need to figure out why its not showing the tag.
;Command /Addgtools will give you all crafting tools. need to add these items to gue
;Smelting Hammer
;WoodCutting Axe
;Mining Pick
 ;Smelting Tongs
 ;Ban kick ban a player with /ban will add the option to kick and ban or just kick later.
; /mana will fill mana
; /Addspeed will increass speed by 10.
; /normspeed sets player speed attribe back to normal speed via the mobspeed attribute.
; /addspells disable for now. 
; /Addmoney does what is says
; /addstats disabled for now
; /add herbs disabled for now
; /addspawn follow the dialog options. note the scripts used in it right now to set as right click and death will need to be changed.

;Added unstuck command use /Unstuck
;Added regen so players will regen health and mana.
;updated the login to reflect some scripts like regen that were added.

;Other Updates
;Chenged RCEnet.dll witch was 26kb with one that is 44Kb this file wil allow more chat time between the client and server before it times out.

;June 7th 2012
 ;Added portable trainer as an item.
;Added 24 potion items, for full potion and the half potion. All scripts are setup for them.
;Added some extra attributes.
;Added a drink animation (Space holder for now to make the script happy. lol)
;Added background for alchemy skill (need an alchemy lab to attach it to)
;Added a blood emiter since its needed by attack script

 ;fixed rep so a gm can use /add rep and /takerep
;Updated Login script
;Added the 12 potions scripts
;Added alchemy skill 
;Added attack script, will need to go through and add sounds and fix animations
;Added Death Script
;Added Equip Chance script

;june 13 2012
 ;Adding a bounty system to allow players to put up bountys for each other. Posting a bounty is done, and will allow you to add to a bounty reward if player has a bounty already.
;Bounty list working, scripts will clean up and delete files when empty or completed.

;June 15 and into 16th
;Touched up bounty scripts
;added a bounty output to the target and a flash screen
;Bounty will also worn a player that logs in if they have a bounty.
;Added some more items
;Added some attack sounds, 2 power attack sounds, spider souonds and some others.
;Added an unarm check for sounds in attack melee.

;July 6th 
 ; did a combat rewrite
; did a few fixes on the stat trainer and reduced the amount of health and mana per point.
;Fixed equip change to reflect above change.
;Fixed ranging 
 ;July 7th
 ;Changed all skills scripts to only send to levelup if player has a level. Xp count will be done in the script that calls the levelup.
;Added a check for actor before allowing a mail to be sent.
;Added a check to see if player to get mail is online and start a new mail icon.
;Added a script to keep track of players with mail.
;Added a check in login to reflect mail changes.

;July 8th 2012
 ;can now have a max of 7 mail
;fixed regen so it will run again if in combat, but the tick time is incressed and the amount to heal is 1 0r 2

;july 12 2012
 ;Added a day/night tracker script ,maily used for vampire, but also added the regen check to it.
;Removing regen check from everyother script, since above script will added it if needed.
;Heart beat low health is being checked in day/night time tracker.
;added new mail flash check to day/night as well

; july 17 and `18
;added all skills and stats to a delimiter freeing up attributes and actor globals
;added a skill list via a ability.
;added a check for skills so you dont need to click on the anvil and stuff, you can use the ability.

End Function