Cubeworld Online 2 is a game that was developed by original RealmCrafter forum user, zetto.

Forum Post Edit

This is the original unedited forum post about the game in 2007:

Hi, I was poking around some of my archives today when I stumbled across an old RC project folder. Inside there was an old friend named CubeWorld 2. Some of you may remember this game from a long time ago. Ive had a spark of inspiration to work on this game since I found it. So I started by attempting to convert it to RC1.10. Unfortunately, it was created in v1.08beta and the converter didnt accept it. Also, the b3d encryption seems to have changed since then, so all of my .b3d models became useless. Fortunately, most of the scenery used the .x format. So heres the result of a few minutes worth of work. Brings back memories :D