The RC Gubbin tool is powerful tool used in the creation of NPC and PC (Non Playable Characters and Playable Characters) with the armor, weapons and gear they will wear and use through out your game. These items are called gubbins, and their size, placement and who wears them is determined in this program

Anything further on is taken from the RealmCrafter: Standard documentation.

What is the Gubbin Tutorial? Edit

The Realm Crafter Gubbin Tool is identical to the Realm Crafter Armory tool (in use) but looks differently and saves differently.

The RCGT only saves after each action or quitting the actual program, unlike RCArm which saves when you click the save button.

[Wiki owner's edit: The armory tool no longer works since Solstar abandoned the software,making the Gubbin Tool the only way to place armor, weapons and gear correctly on your actors).

Gubbin Tool Use Edit

Load and Place a Gubbin

1 – Click Change

2 – Find the Gubbin you wish to add to your actor

Gubbintooluse 1

3 – Scale up and position the Gubbin where you wish it to be placed


If you need to save the Gubbin for a different race (which is a good idea since size/scale/shape of the actor is different from IMP, to Human to Orc) click duplicate and enter a name


Mesh name has changed to Imp chest.b3d.