Imperialism Online was a sci-fi MMORPG by original RealmCrafter forum user, 7Kings.

Summary Edit

Imperialism online is set in a galaxy called Plurra Stella. Players explore, make profit and fight in this new universe. The goal? To survive. Players will be able to fly many different classes of starships and even land on planets to pick up jobs (quests) to generate revenue. This game will have an interactive market system that allows you to either make a large profit or a loss. We plan to have simulated gambling with simple games like, black jack, checkers, or even Rhak Nyug a card game in which you find matching pairs.

Video Edit

A video which shows off the music and screenshots of Imperialism Online.

Imperialism Online Music-Functionary

Imperialism Online Music-Functionary

Screenshots Edit

Screeny 1